Study and coffee places/dates

We are fortunately #blessed in Adelaide with a load of places that produce amazing coffee. However, finding somewhere to sit and enjoy yourself is half the fun.


There are few things better than a great coffee shop that makes you feel like you’re right at home. It’s warm, the people are casual and always smiling, and you can just relax and get what you need to get done. Additionally, you get brilliant barista-made coffee and a small snack to go with it. Heading to your favourite cafe to smash out an assignment, write a report or just simply to read can be incredibly helpful for your productivity. A change of scenery definitely doesn’t hurt anyone.

Common elements of all these places?

  • Great coffee, made by chilled out talented baristas who really know their shit.
  • Quiet vibes, with an appropriate soundtrack paired with the soothing sounds of coffee pouring and milk frothing.
  • Friendly and professional service.
  • Wooden floorboards/comfy couches/communal tables/all of the above.

Here’s a few of the great places around Adelaide you’re more than welcome to use as a second office with a side of coffee.


139 Unley Road, Unley

It’s cosy, and yes I say that in the real estate-speak, meaning it’s small, but that’s what makes it beautiful. Hidden from Unley Road is the beautiful courtyard to sit in and enjoy some Vitamin D alongside your daily intake of calcium (combined with coffee beans).


96 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside

Both the city and Parkside locations produce the same amazing coffee, service and snacks, but I have to say the vibe on the Glen Osmond road is a bit more of a second-office kind of feel. In the best way, it feels like a mate’s house. Enjoy free-wifi to do some research/facebook stalking while relaxing in the homey surroundings of the specialty coffee boutique.

Penny University

1/7 Union Street, Adelaide

If studying at Uni is killing your vibe/soul, take a short walk to Penny University’s to get those academic juices flowing again. Not only can you enjoy a great coffee, but they have super delicious and super healthy meals.


109A Goodwood Road, Goodwood

Amazing menu, great coffee and super vintage vibes to feed the indie part of your soul.


32 Leigh St, Adelaide

With a prime location at the top of über cool laneway Leigh St, Coffee Branch has the makings of a great pit stop for a coffee break in the city. It’s got quite the morning rush but after that it’s a great place to chill out and get a few things done, whether you sit inside or out on the street on the communal style bench tables.


111 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Just outside the city First Pour is one of the best coffee spots in North Adelaide, as well as a beautiful place to chill. Sit at the big communal table, or go solo in one of the comfy booths. Either way, high productivity is to be had.

If I’ve missed your favorite place, it’s probably because I’m not lucky enough to have discovered it yet, so please feel free to add more!

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